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Podcasting is a major craze that has swept the nation and the world, and it gives people the opportunity to upload their own audio shows that people can subscribe to around the world. Podcasts can range from Church sermons through to music shows – and everything in between. In this guide we shall look at some useful podcasting resources.

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Free Podcasting Hosting Resources

Podcasting hosts are a simple and effective way for you to get your podcast live on the internet. Fortunately there are literally hundreds of free podcasting hosting resources available so that it won’t cost you a cent to get started!

Podcast hosting is one of the most important resources involved in starting a podcast as it gives you a place in which you can store your podcast files before you are able to begin distributing it.

There are so many free podcasting hosting resources available that it can be hard to know which one to choose – so do browse through several before making a decision as some are much better than others.

If you are hoping to upload church podcasts then there are lots of free podcast hosts that are specifically designed for this purpose. Not all of them are free however, and sometimes it is worth paying a little extra for the benefits that a premium podcasting host can offer you. We shall look in more detail at the benefits below.

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Premium Podcasting Hosting Resources

While there are plenty of free podcast hosting resources available, if you want to take your podcasting seriously or plan on having a large number of subscribers then there are several benefits to paying for your podcast hosting.

We shall use the example of a sermon podcast again. There are numerous websites that offer paid sermon hosting that offer a range of excellent benefits as part of the package including transcripts, categorized searches, mailing lists and other tools that are specifically designed to help churches communicate their sermons as effectively as possible to the right community.

Most of the good premium podcasting hosts will do all of the hard work for you. Often you simply have to send them your audio file and they will do all the rest. Even if you have to mail in your audio file on a CD they can work with this!

By paying for your podcast hosting you can be sure to have a better service and personalized help during your podcasting days.

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Podcast Directory Resources

If you are simply looking for podcasts to subscribe to, then podcast directory resources are fantastic. There are numerous websites that offer listings of podcasts that are available to subscribe to – and you can easily spend hours scrolling through all of the weird and wonderful podcasts available around the world!

Some podcast directories are specific to a topic – such as Christian podcasts or music podcasts. If you are looking for a specific directory then make sure you specify this in your internet search.

If you have your own podcast then you may wish to get yourself included in a podcast directory, so if you’re not already then contact the website and ask to be included. This service is almost always free.

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iPods and iTunes as a Podcasting Resource

Two of the most useful resources when podcasting are iTunes and iPods. While there are other options available to you – these are the easiest to use and most popular.

Millions of people broadcast their podcasts through iTunes which has a very simple to use program to help you set up your podcast online. Simply sign up to iTunes and head to the iTunes store where there is a link to setting up your own podcast. Most people looking for podcasts to subscribe to search through iTunes listings – so it’s a great place to get your podcast published from.

iPods (as well as other MP3 players) are one of the most popular ways for people to listen to podcasts on the go. Podcasts are downloaded automatically to programs such as iTunes which can be synched with your iPod for easy listening.